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  • Parents must supervise children
  • Please remove shoes and hop in socks during your adventures
  • No shoes allowed in toddler area (sorry, this also includes mates in charge)
  • Remove all sharp objects from pockets
  • Remove any sharp jewelry
  • Obey Roo Mates at all times
  • No running, pushing or shoving rules of the Outback
  • No food or drinks on jumps or in toddler play area
  • No rough play or wrestling
  • No diving, climbing, hanging or flips
  • Must slide feet first down slides
  • Only Joeys 12 years and younger on jumps (adults may assist if necessary)
  • Parents must supervise at all times
  • No outside food or drinks
  • Please contact a mate immediately if you need assistance
  • Have a safe and fun adventure mate!